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Tired of Looking for Financial Freedom?

I help you create it.

Private Consultations and Virtual Courses for financial literacy and wealth creation


Let's Meet

I'm Mercedes, An Expert in Money

I am originally from Lima, Peru and have been living in beautiful South Florida for 12 years. I am a CPA with 10+ years experience working in various accounting and consulting positions across both private and public companies. Two years ago, I decided to quit the comfort of a paycheck and start my own company in an effort to reconnect with my true passion for empowering others to achieve financial freedom.

I work with individuals who are hungry, committed and willing to master their relationship and mindset around money. My training empowers my clients to reduce their anxiety and stress around their finances and to look at their finances as a tool for achieving personal freedom.

I offer foundational courses, as well as one on one sessions where they get hands-on learning, practices, and tools to set and achieve their short term and long term goals.


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My Services

Personal Finance Course


    Designed By Wealth Expert, Krisstina Wise

The high-end coaching course designed for individuals, couples, entrepreneurs and business owners who want to transform their income into multi-million dollar net worth.


"I was able to organize my finances, identify costs that were sinking my savings and start investing"

Felix P.

CURBS Course Alumni

“Learning about money principles has helped us in managing our business and the way we spend in the business and personally, Every dollar has a purpose now”

Paty & Eduardo R.

CURBS Course Alumni

“Working with Mercedes gave me an insight into my finances. Together we put a plan together to pay off my debt”

Vanessa L.

CURBS Course Alumni

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